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Step 1 - Get a Quote

Select the currencies, amount and destination of transfer, and instantly receive your quote.

Step 2 - Deposit Funds

Once your quote has been accepted, you will receive email instructions on how to transfer the specified amount over to your itexFX account.

Step 3 - Send Payment

When the funds have arrived in your itexFX account these will automatically be paid into the final beneficiary account in the desired currency via the global swift network.


Exchanging currency can be done as a fast payment or a forward contract, whereby you fix a rate today for a future dated payment. This can be simply completed through our online dealing platform. So whether you’re making a regular or one off payment, make sure it’s through itexFX.


Whether you’re buying an overseas property, paying for your wedding abroad or ready to purchase your next super yacht you will need to make the payment in the local currency.

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If your business requires you to import goods, or you are receiving payments from abroad, you will need to convert the money to the local or domestic currency.

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About us

itexFX is a London-based Currency Exchange service for private and corporate clients. We offer better than bank exchange rates and can transact in 160 currency pairs. Funds are safeguarded by our FCA-regulated e-money partners at a credit institution. Our main goal is to provide you with a competitive and more cost-effective way of securely transferring your money.

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